The school of Terra Santa is one of the two ethnic schools of the Maronite Community. It has its origins in 1641 when a team of Franciscan monks decided to establish a school aiming to the promotion of diligence and virtue. The school operated under the name of Terra Santa (School of the Holy Land) in 1646 under the responsibility and protection of the Order of Franciscan monks which has its base in Jerusalem.

Previously the school operated in the Paphos Gate area whereas from 1955 the school moved to the whole owned new building in the Acropolis area of Nicosia. Since 1913 the school programmes were extended also to the secondary education. Since 1970 a nursery is also operating.

On 28th January 2013 a cooperation agreement was signed between the University of Cyprus and the Terra Santa College confirming that the College will operate as a model University of Cyprus High School.

The school hosted students from all the Maronite villages, especially from Kormakitis, since the Franciscan nuns who maintain a monastery in Kormakitis had direct involvement with the school. Until today the Terra Santa School continues to be the centre of education for many Maronite boys and girls.

Today the school is divided into three sections: Nursery, Elementary, Gymnasium and Lyceum. The school of Terra Santa is a multicultural school which promotes diversity and tolerance.

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