Saint Mary’s School offers a distinctive educational journey spanning from Kindergarten to the 7th year of Secondary School. The institution is dedicated to providing a robust academic framework and fostering social responsibility, beginning in Kindergarten and extending seamlessly through Primary School to the culmination of Secondary School. Students receive consistent academic readiness and cultural exposure crucial for their future career paths or further education.

The school is divided into two sections—Greek and English—for both Kindergarten and Primary levels. The Greek Primary School adheres to the Ministry of Education and Culture's academic curriculum and supplements it with instruction in English and French languages. Conversely, the English Primary School conducts lessons in English and teaches Greek and French as modern foreign languages.

Recognizing the significance of modern foreign languages in a diverse world, Saint Mary’s Secondary School places emphasis on fluency in four languages: English, Greek, French, and Italian. Complementing this linguistic focus is a comprehensive array of science and commerce subjects. This core knowledge is nurtured within a supportive, disciplined environment fostering critical thinking, decision-making, and instilling values of integrity, fairness, and respect.

Graduates of Saint Mary’s School emerge as conscientious decision-makers, equipped to be lifelong learners contributing meaningfully to a global society.

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