Cyprus Private Schools

Cyprus Private Schools portal is dedicated to list the private schools in Cyprus. Browse through our directory to see private primary and secondary education schools, Catholic schools, multinational schools and English-speaking international schools. Click on their links to read about their curriculum and their facilities. Some schools provide parents reviews.

Limassol  Tel: 25726965    
Kentro Glosson
Nicosia  Tel: 22421970    
Studio Uno
Larnaca  Tel: 99023200    
Idiotiko Nipiagogio Grammar Junior School
Nicosia  Tel: 22695695    
Terra Santa
Nicosia  Tel: 22421100, 22421371  Fax: 22317565 
Pyramida Tis Gnosis Idiotiko Frontistirio
Nicosia  Tel: 22575070    
Pascal English School Larnacas
Larnaca  Tel: 24813900  Fax: 24534232 
Ch. A Xylot.
Larnaca  Tel: 24724451  Fax: 96558532 
Gavriel Charalambos
Larnaca  Tel: 24635280    
St. Marys School
Limassol  Tel: 25878398  Fax: 25345233 
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